About Us

Sweet Treats by Nancy’s origins are of our family, our friends and our community. As Cypress and Tomball area residents for over 20 years, we have watched our children and our community grow. We’ve run the back roads of Cypress and Tomball to make that soccer game at Dyess or Matzke Park just in the nick of time. Our children have played sports here, graduated high school here and gone on to college here. Our lives and roots are here and like we regard our own family, we regard the treats our bakery provides to your family, just as seriously.

Nancy from a very young age has always had a passion for baking. Whenever there is a celebration or event, Nancy's baked treats were and are always an asked for and anticipated treat. Nancy is well known in the community, former workplaces, local schools she has volunteered for, her friends and for certain her own family for her delicious treats and delectable creations.

In 2011, Nancy's family convinced her to share her magical baking talent with the community-at-large. So began the development of her dream, to bake for all. 

Nancy never thought about opening a business; she just loved to bake, for anyone.So in the summer of 2012, her dream of providing treats to the masses became sweet reality. Nancy, her husband Rick and their two daughters ( and junior bakers! ) helped her open the doors of Sweet Treats by Nancy. 2 years later, like all of us face, life had a different plan and our family moved on.  Now as these images of the "Original Sweet Treats by Nancy" remind us, Nancy's passion lies in the sense of home and times past and the quality and freshness of her baking.

Nancy's unwavering approach to baking is based on her simple motto: "Just like mom would make it". Believing in using only quality ingredients, personal touch, care and a hint of love, Nancy's homemade creations reflect a simpler, slower time when the smells of baking coming from mom's kitchen filled the home and warmed the heart.With her years of baking, being a friend and mom, professional training and just plain skill and passion, Nancy’s treats can satisfy most any sweet tooth.

In this day, age and pace of living, Sweet Treats by Nancy offers delectable treats, fresh from the kitchen that let you and your family slow down and enjoy something good and homemade together. You do the living, Nancy will do the baking. We hope to enhance your family gathering, celebration of special event.

From our family to yours...
"Thank You!"